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Monthly Empowerment Membership:

In this 90-min phone appointment, I intuitively assist you in discovering the emotional/mental wound that you're ready to process and heal. As you bring your shadow self into the light, you'll have the opportunity to clear old beliefs, create healthier boundaries, reclaim your Divine Power, & realign with all aspects of you!

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5-Week Intensive 1:1 Program with Melissa Asteya

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I suggest you take a little time to click and read through your options above. Go with what feels like a good fit & resonates with you right now. You can also try this: Take a few deep breaths and ask, "Which service would be the best next step for me?" And trust the answer that comes. Your answer could come through a feeling in your body, images in your mind, your inner voice, and/or a deep sense of knowing. If you still need some assistance deciding...

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If you need assistance in deciding which healing path is the best fit for you at this time...

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