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Hypnotism is a wonderful tool for​ creating new habits in your daily life.

During your appointment, we will imprint new positive thought patterns to shift your mindset and to empower you to make healthier choices.

Healthy Habit Hypnosis can help with:

✅ Smoking Cessation

✅ Mindful Eating

✅ Boosting Confidence

✅ Drinking More Water

✅ Exercising Regularly

✅ Abundance Mindset

✅ Feeling Calm/Peaceful

✅ and More!


Your personalized office or phone hypnosis appointment can be audio recorded and an mp3 file emailed to you within 72 hours following your appointment to listen to as often as desired.

Your Investment: $222

Click to schedule your appointment:

Hello Beautiful!

​I'm Melissa. NGH Certified Hypnotherapist,  Professional Intuitive, Certified Soul Realignment® Practitioner, Karuna Reiki® Master & Embody Love Coach dedicated to compassionately empowering your journey!