Does this resonate with you?

You are a GIVER.

You pour your HEART into everything you do.

Your Love & Gifts SUPPORT and UPLIFT everyone around you.

And while you once felt INSPIRED by living out this mission every day,

Lately, your inner voice has been calling out, "What about Me?"

You are LONGING for more...something is MISSING.

You're feeling Tired... Stuck... Lost...

Maybe even anxious and overwhelmed, without a clear understanding of WHY?

At some level, you are aware that you have been neglecting Your Needs.

YOU are out of Balance...your LIFE is out of Balance...

You have put everyone and everything else as your Number 1 priority for so long...

It has become your NORMAL.

I understand! I've been there! You are not alone! 

And YOU have the power to SHIFT it ALL!

I offer you the Support & Guidance you need.

Through working together, your Awareness & Clarity will come.

It's TIME...

- to Put You First again

- to Realign with who you truly are at Soul level

- to Honor your Divine Self & Purpose!

It's time to Reconnect with that Beautiful, Vibrant Being who needs your Love & Care the most - YOU!

It's time to say YES to your Needs. YES to your Healing. YES to getting back into Balance.

No more Excuses,

No more "I don't deserve". 

No more Fear-Based Thinking.

You are READY to Embody Love...

I'm Melissa Asteya CEO & Creator of Embody Love: Your Empowered Healing Journey.

It is my belief that we have each been blessed with Divine Gifts that we can use to overcome every obstacle that comes our way. I'm not talking about 'magic' - Ok, maybe a DASH of magic! 

But more than that, Embody Love is:

 * Learning invaluable tools for Self-Love & Self-Care, creating Balance

* Healing deeply rooted mental/emotional wounds, resulting in Understanding & Growth

* Releasing old patterns & cycles, grounding yourself into Healthier choices

* Getting clear on who you are at Soul level, your Divine Gifts & Purpose, & how to Compassionately Serve

* Empowering your Daily Thoughts, Words, & Actions to Align with your Focused Intentions

Let's Work Together!

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