Embody Love:

12 Week Online Program

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JOIN the Embody Love: 12 Week Online Program!


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What our customers are saying

This program is everything! Melissa put her heart and soul into Embody Love. Embody love has given me the tools and the courage to continue to grow, heal, and fully live my happiest life every single day! I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone. If you are willing to put in the work by showing up for yourself, you will receive and grow so much from this!

- Kylie, Yoga Instructor & Dietetics Student

Embody Love: Your Empowered Healing Journey!

Compare your 3 program options & find the best fit for you.

Option 1:

Online Program & Group Support


-or- 3 Payments of $117


12 Embody Love Modules

12 Weekly Videos

12 Healing Hypno-Meditations

12 LIVE Group Q&A Calls

Invite to JOIN US in the Private Embody Love Facebook Group for Group Support, Updates, & additional Bonuses

Your Divine Gift Report .pdf

50+ Page Embody Love Manual .pdf download

$497 VALUE - SAVE $200!

- Enroll Here -


Option 2:

1:1 Support +


-or- 3 Payments of $217

Best for General Upkeep


ALL of the Online Program 

Group Support!


1:1 Soul Realignment: Akashic Record Reading, Coaching & Clearing 90-min Phone Appointment with Melissa

1:1 90-min Follow-Up Coaching Call in May 2019 with Melissa

50+ Page Embody Love Manual Printed & Mailed to your Door

BONUS: Daily Mindfulness: Morning & Evening Hypno-Meditation mp3 downloads

$1,197 VALUE - SAVE $600!

- Enroll Here -



Option 3:

1:1 Empowerment Coaching +


-or- 12 Payments of $157

Best for Busy Homes


ALL of Online Program, Group Support, & 1:1 Support!


TEN 60-min 1:1 Intuitive Healing & Coaching Calls with Melissa Asteya!  

DETAILS: This 1 Year Private 1:1 Program begins with your 90-min Soul Realignment in January, followed by a 60-min Coaching Appointment February-November, and a 90 min Wrap-Up in December 2019!

$2,597 VALUE - SAVE $1,000!

 - Enroll Here - 


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- Option 1: Payment Plan -

$117 x 3

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- Option 2: Payment Plan -

$217 x 3

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- Option 3: Payment Plan -

$157 x 12

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Let's Check-In! 

BREATHE the following statements through your body:

> It's time to LOVE myself into greater balance and wholeness. 

> It's time to bring my shadows to LIGHT for deeper healing with a loving support system in place.

> It's time to share my LIGHT, my GIFT, and my PURPOSE with the world in an even BIGGER way. 

If these words RESONATE, I invite you to:

JOIN the Embody Love: 12 Week Online Program!

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You are a DIVINE being. You have a beautiful GIFT to share with the world. 

You are a GIVER. You live in service of others.

In moments of CLARITY, you're INSPIRED by your deep sense of self and have a clear vision for your life.

And then... those oh so familiar fears and doubts begin to bubble up to the surface (especially in times of change and heightened stress). 

You start questioning everything.....

Why does this ALWAYS happen?

What's WRONG with me?

Didn't I already HEAL this issue?

Maybe it just isn't MEANT to be.

Maybe (so and so) was RIGHT about (me/my idea).

I know, I've been there! It can be so frustrating and disheartening. 

But, we don't have to buy into these thoughts.

We always have a CHOICE.

So -- HOW do we hold true to our vision when 'Life Happens' and our old stuff seems to get in the way?

We can do what we've always done...

OLD HABIT:  Slip into an old coping mechanism that doesn't really serve our higher purpose; but it's comfortable and even though it's not really healthy, it works temporarily. We feel a bit better because we are distracting ourselves. But in the end, we give up on our vision and stay feeling "stuck".

OR, we can try a new approach!

Now let's be REAL -- HEALING and GROWTH take work. It's not an easy path. No one can do it for us. And it's often really uncomfortable because we're stepping outside our comfort zone to do it.

BUT, it's worth it.

YOU are worth it.

Your DIVINE PURPOSE is worth it. 

YOU have a Divine Purpose. YOU are here for a REASON. The world NEEDS you and that special GIFT that only YOU have!

What our customers are saying

I just got done with the Embody Love Program with Melissa. It was amazing! I have so much more insight about myself now. Each week we dove deeper into different practices of being mindful. These healing meditations have opened me up to a new way of thinking. Thank you, Melissa!

Alice - Cedar Rapids, IA

Invest in YOU - CHANGE the World!

When you invest in your healing and empowerment through the Embody Love Program, you're also creating meaningful change in the world. Because with your 2019 Embody Love Program registration, a portion of your investment is donated to the Joyful Heart Foundation

Embody Love Program Curriculum

Module 1: Your Divine Gifts

What Divine Gift have you been blessed with, and how can you best use this Gift to create more abundance of all things in your life? Receive your Divine Gift Report answering these questions and more! Reconnect with yourself at Soul Level and understand how you can keep in balance and better serve others with your Divine Gift.

Module 2: Daily Mindfulness

When we practice mindfulness on a daily basis, we empower ourselves through setting clear intentions and making choices that reflect them. Learn a variety of tools for creating your own daily mindfulness practice. Experience the amazing benefits of developing your self-awareness and reconnecting with your body, emotions, mind, & spirit!

Module 3: Healing your Child-Self

What coping mechanisms did you develop as a result of your early childhood experiences? Are they serving you now, or are they holding you back in life? Through a healing hypno-meditation journey and reflection questions you'll reconnect with your younger self and gain a deeper understanding of the beliefs you hold and the habits and cycles you've created as a result. 

Module 4: The Freedom of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not condoning the action, but instead, it is the decision to no longer carry it with you. In this module, you'll explore the practice of self-forgiveness and the forgiveness of others. You'll learn tools to compassionately align with your younger self, and all involved, as you heal and practice forgiveness.

Module 5: Cultivating Self-Love

Every relationship you create has its foundation in the relationship you have with yourself. By cultivating Self-Love, you can heal self-judgement, fears, and doubts, and align with a healthy sense of self. In this module, you'll discover what self-love means to you, and begin your practice of cultivating self-love.

Module 6: Practicing Self-Care  

Our self-care is our self-love in action! If you want to continue to be the compassionate giver that you are, you must take care of your own needs. The goal is practice, not perfection. In this module you'll seek out your core self-care beliefs, and look to heal any emotional or mental blocks to practicing healthy self-care. 

Module 7: Healthy Boundaries

In this module you'll gain a better understanding of what healthy boundaries are, why they are so important, and how you can set them more clearly for yourself and with others. Saying "no" without guilt, asking for what you want or need, and saying "yes" because you want to, and not out of obligation, are just a few examples of having a healthy sense of self and healthy boundaries in place.

Module 8: Re-Writing your Story

We have many stories. Are the stories you tell aligned with who you truly are and who you want to be in this life? In module 8, you'll explore the stories you've bought into, the reasons why you're continuing to "replay" these stories, and have the opportunity to re-write your stories in a way that fully aligns with your Divine path and purpose!

Module 9: Aligning with your Divinity

Unhealthy habits are often distractions we use to avoid deeper rooted issues. You'll take an inner journey to better understand what the driver is behind your unhealthy habits, and experience the empowerment of greater self-awareness when making daily choices. You can align with your Divinity by staying true to who you are and what you need in life.

Module 10: Creating Space

Everything is energy. Your home and work environments can have a profound impact on how you feel on a day to day basis. By "letting go of the old, you create space for the new" to enter your life. In this module, we look to shed the excess "stuff" that has been energetically weighing us down. You learn the importance of creating space in your physical environments to match the new vibration of your inner self.

Module 11: Living with Gratitude

What we focus on, we align with, notice more often, and create more of. Your life is full of blessings! In this module, you will take an inward gratitude journey and align more fully with yourself at Soul level!

Module 12: Celebrating Life

Life is what we make of it. There is so much to celebrate when we choose to learn the lessons, and apply them for growth. In our final module, we wrap our Embody Love Program up in a beautiful reflection of our healing and growth journey as we embrace and celebrate every aspect of our lives!


My Guarantee to You:

Due to the highly transformational nature of the Embody Love: 12 Week Program, all refund requests must be made by January 27, 2019 by emailing me at [email protected]. This gives you full access to Modules 1 & 2 of the online program, and ten days to decide if this program is the right fit for you. If you submit your request within the ten-day window, you will receive a full refund, minus a $45 processing fee for Option 1 participants. Refund amounts will vary for Option 2 & 3 participants if your Soul Realignment 1:1 Appointment ($333 Value) has already been completed. No refunds will be given after the ten-day refund period, and you will remain responsible for any remaining outstanding payments due. Any decision you make for non-participation after the refund period expires will not be a valid reason for a refund request.

Embody Love Program Details

3 OPTIONS:  Choose the program option that best fits your life at this time! Option 1: Online Program + Group Support & Weekly LIVE Q&A Calls. Option 2: All of Option 1 + a 90-min 1:1 Soul Realignment Call with Melissa Asteya in January & a 90-min 1:1 Follow-Up Call with Melissa in May after the 12 Week Program is complete. Option 3: All of Options 1 & 2 + TEN 60-min 1:1 Calls with Melissa for a total of TWELVE monthly 1:1 Calls in 2019.

LAST CHANCE:  Embody Love Registration is OPEN through 11:59 pm CT on Tuesday, January 15, 2019. This is your Last Chance to invest in yourself through the 2019 Embody Love Program!

GET CONNECTED Once registered, you'll receive your GET CONNECTED email on Wednesday, January 16, 2019! This email will include: Your Divine Gift Report .pdf (Download & Print it!); Your Embody Love Program Manual .pdf (Download & Print it!); Access your Online Program Content as each Module is posted each week of the program; & your Invitation to JOIN US in the Private EMBODY LOVE Facebook Group for additional Group Support, Updates, & Program Bonuses!

PROGRAM BEGINS:  Starting on Friday, January 18, 2019 your Module 1: Divine Gifts Video & Hypno-Meditation Audio will be made available to you in the members area of the Embody Love Online Program at 7pm CT. Watch the video, listen to your recording, read about that Module in your Manual, & use the Reflection Questions to further process and integrate your experience! Access to each new Module will open on Fridays at 7pm CT throughout the program. (Watch/Listen Anytime!)

LIVE CALLS:  Starting on Tuesday, January 22, 2019 you're invited to JOIN US for the LIVE Group Q&A Call at 7pm CT via my Conference Line! We'll begin with a Grounding & Centering Hypno-Meditation, I'll recap that week's Module, & then open the call to any Questions you have or Celebrations you'd like to share! (Every Tuesday throughout the Program you are invited to join the LIVE Group Q&A Calls at 7pm CT. Can't make it to a call? No worries! You'll receive the call recording link via email on Wednesday mornings following each Module.)

Hello Beautiful!

I'm Melissa Asteya.

Lifelong Intuitive, Healing Hypnotist, and Creator of the Embody Love: 12-Week Healing & Empowerment Online Program. I'd LOVE for YOU to JOIN US in 2019!


Program Questions? EMAIL ME HERE

Online Video & Audio Modules release on Fridays @ 7pm CT!

Jan 18:  Your Divine Gifts

Jan 25:  Daily Mindfulness

Feb 1:  Healing your Child Self

Feb 8:  The Freedom of Forgiveness

Feb 15:  Cultivating Self-Love

Feb 22:  Practicing Self-Care

- Integration Week -

Mar 8:  Healthy Boundaries

Mar 15:  Re-Writing your Story

Mar 22:  Aligning with your Divinity

Mar 29:  Creating Space

Apr 5:  Living with Gratitude

Apr 12:  Celebrating Life

LIVE Q&A Calls on Tuesdays @ 7pm CT!

Jan 22:  Your Divine Gifts

Jan 29:  Daily Mindfulness

Feb 5:  Healing your Child Self

Feb 12:  The Freedom of Forgiveness

Feb 19:  Cultivating Self-Love

Feb 26:  Practicing Self-Care

- Integration Week -

Mar 12:  Healthy Boundaries

Mar 19:  Re-Writing your Story

Mar 26:  Aligning with your Divinity

Apr 2:  Creating Space

Apr 9:  Living with Gratitude

Apr 16:  Celebrating Life


Q: When does the 2019 program begin?

A: Module 1 will be available to you on Friday, January 18, 2019 @ 7pm CT!

Q: I really want to save as much as I can when I register. Will you be running any more deals on this program before it launches in January?

A: The current prices are the BEST deals available for the 2019 program. The sooner you register, the more you SAVE.

Q: How do I access the program content?

A: Every Friday between Jan 18 & April 12, you will receive access to your new weekly module online. This will include a Video Lesson and a Hypno-Meditation. You will also have your Embody Love online manual to deepen your program experience.

Q: Do I HAVE to watch the video and listen to the audio at 7pm CT every Friday?

A: No! You may watch and listen to them anytime. Fridays at 7pm CT is when the new module will be posted to the program website for you.

Q: When are the LIVE Q&A Calls?

A: Every Tuesday between Jan 22 & April 16 @ 7pm CT.

Q: Am I required to be present at every LIVE Q&A Call?

A: No! The calls are an additional support for you! They are also audio recorded and the playback link is emailed to every program participant within 24 hrs following each call.

Q: What if I have a question about a Module, but I can't make it to the call?

A: You may email your questions in advance to [email protected]. They must be received at least 24 hrs prior to the LIVE call to be included in that week's Q&A.

Q: Will I get to meet or connect with the other participants of the 2019 program?

A: Yes! You will receive an invite to JOIN US in the Private Embody Love Facebook Group. This is a wonderful opportunity for connecting with and supporting each other through the 12 week program! There will also be additional posts and bonuses throughout the program in the Facebook group!

Q: I'd love my teenage daughter to join me in this program. Is there a minimum age requirement?

A: Yes. Participants must be 16 years or older, and have written parental permission to join if under 18 at the start of the program on January 18, 2019. Please email [email protected] to request a parental release form.

Q: What if I start the program and then decide it's just not for me? Can I get a refund?

A: You have until January 27, 2019 to decide if Embody Love is the right fit for you. If it's not, you can cancel your enrollment and request a refund by emailing Melissa within that ten-day window. Refund requests must be received no later than January 27, 2019.

Q: If my friend wants to join the class, but it's already started, can she still sign up?

A: Yes! However, registration closes on January 15, 2019 for the 1:1 Support + Program and the 1:1 Empowerment Coaching + Program. Late entries will be accepted for the Online Program at any time during the 12 week session at the full rate for registration.

Compassionate Discount

Life Happens, and sometimes, we need a Hand Up! 

In an effort to make the Embody Love Program available to those who are ready to put forth the time and effort, but do not have the funds to invest the current $297 tuition, there is a Compassionate Discount option available. This discount is based upon the honor system. If you are in need of a compassionately discounted rate, please click here to learn more & register.

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