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Week #1  -  Rise & Shine Hypnotherapy

Week #2  -  Embody Love Coaching

Week #3  -  Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

Week #4  -  Embody Love Coaching

Week #5  -  Child-Self Healing Hypnotherapy

Week #6  -  Embody Love Coaching

Week #7  -  Divine Alignment Hypnotherapy

Week #8  - Embody Love Coaching & Wrap-up

Your Investment: 


Yes! I'm ready for Divine Alignment!

$2,222 Value = $332 Savings for your 8 week commitment

At the end of your first appointment, we will schedule your next 7 sessions.

This 8-week intensive may be completed via Phone, Zoom, or Office

If you're ready to...

Get Back into the Flow of Life

Heal & Integrate with your full Divine Self

Safely bring down your emotional wall of protection

Forgive Yourself & Others

Create and Set Healthier Boundaries

Heal your Inner Voice

Put your Daily Self-Care Practice into Action

Create new Healthy Habits in your Daily Life

Experience more Clarity and Self-Awareness

Deepen your Soul-Self Sonnection

Learn about your Soul's origin

Discover your Divine Gift

Experience transformational Healing & Empowerment

Divine Alignment is for You!

Yes!  I'm ready to invest in my healing!