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"Melissa is a gentle spirit. Her loving guidance has helped turn the key for me unlatching wisdom and insight from within. Studying with her has not only enlightened my path but has reassured me that it's the right one. Melissa rocks!" - Claudia

Ignite Your Inner Light

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, growth, and connection?

The Empowered Souls Community is a vibrant, sacred space designed to support and uplift your spiritual path, providing you with tools and community connections to ignite your inner light.

Within the Empowered Souls Community, we believe that true empowerment comes from within. It is about embracing your authentic self, reclaiming your personal power, and living a life aligned with your soul's purpose.

As a member of the Empowered Souls Community, you'll gain access to an array of empowering features and benefits including:

#1 - Twice Monthly Video Calls

Dive deep into transformative teachings & guided inner journeys with Melissa Asteya twice per month. Expand your knowledge, gain new insights, and apply practical wisdom to your daily life.

#2 - Hypnotherapy & Guided Meditations

Immerse yourself in a collection of soul-nourishing hypnotherapy and guided meditation recordings, designed to deepen your connection with yourself, tap into your intuition, and align with the energy of abundance and love.

#3 - Live Q&A Sessions

Our LIVE Video Calls are followed by Q&A sessions where you can directly interact with Melissa, and receive intuitive guidance and coaching on your spiritual journey.

#4 - Community Connection Forum

Connect with like-minded souls from around the globe who are also on their spiritual journey. Engage in meaningful conversations, share insights, celebrate milestones, and form deep connections that nurture your growth and expansion.

#5 - Soulful Quests & Practices

Participate in monthly soulful quests and practices designed to stretch your comfort zone, enhance your spiritual practice, and awaken new levels of awareness within you.

#6 - Monthly Intention Setting

Set your intentions at the beginning of each month, harnessing the power of focused intention to manifest your desires and create positive shifts in your life.

#7 - Ongoing Membership Support

Melissa Asteya is here to ensure your membership experience is truly enriching. Ask your membership questions via email anytime.

1st BONUS - Exclusive Resources & Discounts

Enjoy exclusive access to a treasure trove of spiritual resources, including Healing Hypnosis recordings by Melissa not available anywhere else. Plus, receive special discounts on private services with Melissa, courses, and events to support your continued growth!

2nd BONUS - Soul Business Community Forum

For Soulpreneur Members: Are you a High Vibe Soulpreneur? This is a BONUS community forum where you can seek guidance, exchange knowledge, and form lasting connections with other members who are also Certified Reiki Practitioners, Reiki Masters, Mindset Coaches, Certified Chakra Intuitives, Psychic Readers, Psychic Mediums, and more! Connect with these fellow soulpreneurs, explore collaborative opportunities, and learn from the collective wisdom of those who walk a similar path. AND you may offer your services within this forum to other members who are seeking your soulful services! This BONUS also enables you to write off your Empowered Souls Community Monthly Membership Fee as a self-employed networking business expense!

For Seeking Members: Are you seeking High Vibe assistance? Hop into this BONUS community forum anytime you feel divinely inspired to seek soulful services via spiritual guidance, energy healing, or mindset coaching services from soulpreneur members who are offering their services as Certified Reiki Practitioners, Certified Reiki Masters, Mindset Coaches, Certified Chakra Intuitives, Psychic Readers, Psychic Mediums, and more! All services offered within this forum are established by the members offering their services. Please note that any scheduling, payments, and delivery of services are a private matter between you and any member you choose to work with.

Are you ready to awaken your soul's power, connect with a global community of like-minded women, and embark on a transformative journey of empowerment?

Join Now as a Founding Member!

+ Twice Monthly LIVE Video Calls

+ Call Playback Recordings

+ Hypnotherapy & Guided Meditations

+ High Vibe Community

+ Soul Connections Forum

+ Empowered Soul Quests

+ Soul Business Networking

+ Discounted  One-to-One Services with Melissa

+ Discounted  June Sign-up Rate (Available through June 30th!)

Invest in YOU and become a Founding Member today!

JOIN NOW for just $55/month  ($88)

Your Founding Member Access

Discount Expires June 30th @ Midnight

No Commitment, Cancel Anytime

Scroll down to FAQ section for more info!

Join the Empowered Souls Community today and embrace a life filled with purpose, joy, and spiritual expansion. Ignite your inner light, tap into your limitless potential, and co-create a world where empowered souls uplift and inspire one another!

Hello Beautiful!

​I'm Melissa Asteya. Intuitive Healer, Hypnotherapist, & founder of the Empowered Souls Community. My Heart-Centered Mission is Empowering You to Heal & Align with Your Soul's Purpose!

Become a Member Now!


Q:  How does joining as a Founding Member benefit me?

A:  You will receive early access to the community and SAVE $33 per month for the duration of your membership! You are also a co-creator of this soul-based group. Together, along with all other Founding Members, we will formulate the structure, as I welcome your input and feedback as to any additional features, additional LIVE Video sessions, Soul Quest ideas, and more, that I will be adding over time into the Empowered Souls Community.

Q:  When does the Empowered Souls Community open?

A:  It's OPEN now! We have our first LIVE Video call on June 1st at 6:30 PM central / 7:30 PM eastern inside the online community platform!

Q:  Can I access the community from any smart device?

A:  Yes! You can access the Empowered Souls Community platform from any smart device, providing you with flexibility and convenience. Whether you prefer to connect using a laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone, the community is accessible on multiple platforms. The community is hosted in an online platform, which is designed to be user-friendly and compatible with various devices and operating systems. This allows you to engage with the community, access resources, participate in discussions, and connect with other members, regardless of the device you choose to use. Enjoy seamless accessibility and stay connected with the Empowered Souls Community wherever you are.

Q:  Where do I join the LIVE Video sessions?

A:  All LIVE Video sessions are held inside the Empowered Soul Community online platform. Join the Video calls from any smart phone, ipad, laptop, or desktop that has audio & camera capabilities. Be sure to have earbuds or headphones and something to take notes with ready to go. You will receive an email reminder and push notification every time I go LIVE in the community.

Q:  Are the LIVE Video sessions recorded for later viewing in case I can't attend in real-time?

A:  Yes! All LIVE Video sessions within the Empowered Souls Community are recorded and made available for playback. I understand that life can be busy and schedules may not always align. Rest assured that you won't miss out on any valuable content or experience. Even if you can't attend a live session in real-time, you will have the opportunity to access the recordings at your convenience. This ensures that you can fully engage with the community's offerings and benefit from the knowledge, insights, and discussions shared during the LIVE calls.

Q:  What if I have questions? Is there a way to get them answered?

A:  Yes! Bring your questions to the LIVE Video sessions offered every month! Q&A will follow the teaching and inner journey portion of the calls. Or, email Melissa with your membership questions anytime.

Q:  Can I cancel anytime?

A:  Yes! There is NO commitment, you may cancel your Empowered Souls Community membership anytime! Just email Melissa at least 72 hours prior to your next auto-payment to request your cancellation.

Q:  If I decide the community isn't for me, can I get a refund?

A:  No, each monthly payment is final and non-refundable, as it gives you access to all community features and all LIVE Video calls that month. However, you may cancel your membership anytime and not incur any future charges. As detailed above, there is no commitment.

Q:  What if I have limited time to dedicate to the community? Can I still benefit from being a member?

A:  Absolutely! I understand that everyone has different time commitments and responsibilities. Even with limited time, you can still benefit from being a member of the Empowered Souls Community. Our resources and offerings are designed to be flexible and accessible, allowing you to engage at your own pace. You can explore the content, participate in discussions, and connect with other members whenever it fits into your schedule. I encourage you to take advantage of the resources that resonate with you and engage in a way that aligns with your availability. Remember, even small moments of connection and reflection can have a profound impact on your spiritual journey.

Q:  Are there any prerequisites or specific beliefs required to join the community?

A:  No, there are no prerequisites or specific beliefs required to join the Empowered Souls Community. We embrace diversity and honor individual journeys. Our community is inclusive and welcomes individuals from all backgrounds, spiritual paths, and belief systems. Whether you are just beginning to explore your spirituality or have an established practice, you are welcome here. The focus of our community is on personal growth, connection, and empowerment, and we encourage open-mindedness, respect, and acceptance of different perspectives. Our shared values revolve around authenticity, compassion, and supporting each other's unique paths. Join us as you are, and together we'll create a space where empowered souls thrive.

Q:  The monthly fee seems low for the value, what's the catch?

A:  I appreciate your perception that the price may seem low for the immense value provided in the Empowered Souls Community. My intention is to make this transformative experience accessible to as many people as possible and create a supportive community that empowers individuals on their spiritual journey. There is no catch; I genuinely believe in the power of community, personal growth, and collective transformation. I have carefully structured the community offerings and pricing to strike a balance between affordability and providing high-quality content and experiences. My focus is on creating a space where individuals can thrive, connect, and elevate their spiritual path without compromising on value.

Q:  The price seems high, is there another option for me?

A:  I want to remind you that you are worthy of investing in yourself and your personal growth. Prioritizing your spiritual journey can lead to profound transformations and a more fulfilling life. Trust in your inherent worthiness and consider how joining the Empowered Souls Community can be a powerful investment in your own well-being and expansion. I do understand that price is an important factor to consider, but I believe the Empowered Souls Community offers exceptional value with transformative experiences, intuitive guidance, and a supportive community. While the price may be higher than some alternatives, investing in your spiritual journey can bring immeasurable returns. Ultimately, the decision to invest in yourself is personal, and I completely respect whatever choice you make. Feel free to explore the benefits, consider the value, and reach out with any questions. I'm here to support you, whether within our community or through one-to-one private sessions. Please note that working one-to-one with me is a minimum $333 investment.

Q:  Who is the Empowered Souls Community for?

A:  This community is designed for individuals who are seeking spiritual growth, personal empowerment, and connection with like-minded souls. It is for anyone who feels a deep longing to awaken their inner light, align with their soul's purpose, and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Whether you are a seasoned spiritual practitioner or just beginning to explore your spiritual path, the Empowered Souls Community welcomes you with open arms. Our community is inclusive and embraces diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences. If you are ready to dive deeper into your spirituality, connect with a supportive community, and explore new dimensions of personal growth, the Empowered Souls Community is the perfect space for you.

Q:  Who is the Empowered Souls Community NOT for?

A:  This community may not be suitable for individuals who are not open to exploring spirituality, personal growth, or alternative perspectives. If you are not willing to engage in introspection, embrace new ideas, or participate in a supportive community, the Empowered Souls Community may not align with your needs. Additionally, if you are seeking quick fixes or instant results without a commitment to inner work and self-reflection, this community may not be the right fit. The Empowered Souls Community thrives on genuine participation, mutual respect, and a shared dedication to personal and spiritual growth. If you do not resonate with these values or are not ready to actively contribute to the community, there may be other spaces that better suit your preferences and needs.

Q:  Can I promote my Soul Business inside the community?

A:  Absolutely! I encourage members to advertise their soul businesses within the dedicated Soul Business Exchange Forum. I believe in fostering a collaborative and supportive environment where individuals can share their offerings and connect with others who resonate with their unique gifts and services. Whether you are a healer, coach, artist, or any other kind of soulpreneur, the Soul Business Exchange Forum provides a platform for you to showcase your business, engage with potential clients, and form meaningful connections. We embrace the diversity of talents and offerings within the dedicated forum and encourage you to share and promote your soul business to uplift and inspire others. Since this is a business networking opportunity, your Empowered Souls Community monthly membership fee also qualifies as a write off for your self-employed Soul Business!

Q:  Do I have to have a Soul Business to join?

A:  Not at all! The Empowered Souls Community is open to individuals from all walks of life, regardless of whether they have a soul business or not. Our community is designed for anyone who is seeking personal growth, spiritual connection, and a supportive environment to thrive in. Whether you are exploring your spiritual path, seeking inspiration, or simply looking to connect with like-minded individuals, you are welcome here. The Empowered Souls Community is a space for learning, growth, and mutual support, where we embrace diversity and honor each individual's unique journey. Join us and embark on a transformative path of self-discovery and connection!

Join the Empowered Souls Community and unlock the infinite possibilities that await you. Together, let's create a world where empowered souls shine brightly and make a positive impact!

Join Now as a Founding Member!

+ Twice Monthly LIVE Video Calls

+ Call Playback Recordings

+ Hypnotherapy & Guided Meditations

+ High Vibe Community

+ Soul Connections Forum

+ Empowered Soul Quests

+ Soul Business Networking

+ Discounted  One-to-One Services with Melissa

+ Discounted  June Sign-up Rate (Available through June 30th!)

Invest in YOU and become a Founding Member today!

JOIN NOW for just $55/month  ($88)

Get Access as a Founding Member

Discount Expires June 30th @Midnight

No Commitment, Cancel Anytime