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Hello my love! Welcome. I am truly honored that you are here. 

And, I believe from the bottom of my heart that there is a Divine reason you landed on this page at this very moment. 

The stars aligned, you clicked a link that appeared before you, and here you are.

I created the Embody Love Healing & Empowerment program as a LOVE letter from my heart to yours. 

I know that healing our inner voice can be an on-going battle for anyone who was raised in a toxic family environment. 

Growing up with parents too overwhelmed by life and without the tools to put an end to damaging generational patterns, is a story I know all too well. 

My child self is reaching out and giving your child self the BIGGEST hug right now. 💚

And perhaps you are also working on healing your mental and emotional wounds from a narcissistic relationship.

I have been where you are. Caught in a cycle of slipping into negative self-talk and self-sabotage feels like taking 3 steps forward, and then 10 steps back. 

For many years I thought that I needed to find something out there to make me happy, or someone out there to finally really SEE me, HEAR me, LOVE me, just for me being me. 

All the while, not realizing that what I really needed was to envelop myself in nurturing, nourishing, deeply healing, all encompassing, SELF-LOVE.

And then one day, I rediscovered my TRUTH. 

That the POWER was within me all along. Just as the POWER is within YOU right now! 

It's time for YOU to REMEMBER who YOU truly are! 

Your SOUL is manifesting itself through your physical body in this world at this very moment. 


And YOU are absolutely worthy of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

Life is challenging enough as it is, my dear. Why not reAwaken, embrace your Divinity, heal your heart, hug your inner child, forgive yourself, and BE who you came here to EARTH to BE!

Having empowerment tools and a LOVE-Filled Heart can completely shift your world as you know it. 

YOU are here on this page reading these words, because darling, it's YOUR time to SHINE!

I would feel truly blessed to hold space as your Embody Love guide, as you heal and transform from the inside out through our deeply LOVING, SACRED, and DIVINE work together.

If You're Ready to...

HEAL your Inner Voice

 See yourself with Divine COMPASSION



 Learn to TRUST yourself & your intuition

Set Crystal Clear, Healthy BOUNDARIES

HONOR Yourself in your Daily Choices


Reclaim your DIVINE POWER

 Experience CLARITY and Self-Awareness

 Deepen your Divine Self & Divine Source CONNECTION

 REMEMBER who you TRULY are

 Establish your DIVINE Purpose & Presence on EARTH

Fall in LOVE with your LIFE


Embody Love is for YOU!

Kylie Said:

"This program is everything! Melissa put her heart and soul into Embody Love. Embody love has given me the tools and the courage to continue to grow, heal, and fully live my happiest life every single day! I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone. If you are willing to put in the work by showing up for yourself, you will receive and grow so much from this!"

Your 6 Month 1:1 Coaching Includes:

TWELVE - 60 min Phone, Zoom, or Office Appointments

PLUS  Immediate Access to the Embody Love Online Masterclass

Preferred Scheduling: Book your twice monthly appointments at your convenience

$3,888 Value = $1,000 SAVINGS for your 6 month investment in YOU

Your Embody Love Investment:


Yes! I'm Ready to Embody Love!

Naomi Said:

"I just completed Melissa's "Embody Love" program and it has been one of the most transformational experiences I have had! Each encounter with Melissa (whether in person or virtually) has been so rewarding and I have learned so much about myself along the way. Melissa - thank you, thank you, thank you! I look forward to working with you again in the future!"