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Conduct Readings as a Certified Chakra Intuitive!

$247  $347

Virtual 6-Week Class starts Sunday, Sept 6

$247  $347

* SAVE $100 when you enroll by August 6 *

Use Discount Code: Early100

$247  $347

Click to Enroll:  $247  $347

Use Discount Code: Early Bird

$247  $347

Course Feedback:

The information was great. It helped to have instructions in how to do a reading and get a deeper understanding for using Chakras to guide clients. It was nice unlocking the info each week to create a good pace for learning. Thank you so much for teaching about pendulums. After your course, I now trust and love using mine! It was always a tool I did not understand.

Debbie, Newly Certified Chakra Intuitive Practitioner

Practice Client Feedback:

Debbie was wonderful and able to address many of the things that is going on in my crazy life right now. I felt energized after the session and hope to implement many of the suggestions into my life

Debbie's Practice Client

You'll Learn:

  • All about the 7 Main Chakras

  • Learn about YOUR Intuitive Gift
  • How to Develop & Use your Gift

  • How to Conduct a Chakra Intuitive Reading
  • Stepping into your Divine Power as a Certified Chakra Intuitive

  • Tips for Creating your Heart-Centered Business

  • And MORE!

Course Includes:

  • 6 Training Modules: Weekly Lessons, Videos, Audios, & Downloadable Practice Forms
  • 4 Q&A Calls
  • Chakra Clearing & Gift Activation
  • Practice Client Readings
  • Knowledge & Understanding Assessment
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 7-Day Trial (Scroll down to read details.)
  • Lifetime Course Access

By the end of this 6-module online training, you will have the knowledge, practice, experience, client feedback, and certification needed to conduct empowering Chakra Intuitive Readings!

Click to Enroll - $222

SAVE $100 when you Enroll by August 6!

Use Discount Code: Early100

$247  $347

Click to Enroll  $247  $347 

This course is an excellent opportunity for BEGINNERS & EXPERIENCED Intuitives alike. Whether you're just getting started or have years of experience, there can be empowering benefits to learning new tools and honing your craft!

Click to Enroll - $347

Course Feedback:

I really feel like this course was the nudge I needed to get me “over the hump” of awkwardness and self-doubt and enabled me to step into my power and embrace, be grateful for and put my gifts to use for the better good. Melissa has a beautiful way of always providing that safe space and those gentle nudges at just the right times. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Deb, Newly Certified Chakra Intuitive Practitioner

Practice Client Feedback:

Surprisingly insightful, even when the intuition contradicted external knowledge and experience. I would say Deb is a natural at this. Very informative and presented with great compassion.

Deb's Practice Client

Hello Beautiful!

I'm Melissa Asteya.

Lifelong Intuitive, Healing Hypnotherapist, and Creator of this virtual Chakra Intuitive Certification Course. If you're ready to empower Your Intuitive Gift, Enroll Now & SAVE!

Course Questions? EMAIL ME HERE

My Guarantee to You:

With today's enrollment, you will receive access to the online Chakra Intuitive Certification Course Introduction. Class begins on September 6 with a LIVE Welcome Call @ 2 pm central, and you will receive access to Module 1 that day. A new Module will open every week thereafter until you have received access to all 6 Modules. You will have 7 days from September 6 to explore Module 1 to decide if the Chakra Intuitive Certification course is the right fit for you. You may cancel your enrollment and receive a full refund by emailing Melissa by September 12 at midnight central time: me[email protected]